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Best BJJ Rash Guards

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a popular form of mixed martial arts practiced either in a gi or no-gi. Gi is a complete uniform designed in particular form of pants and shirts for BJJ, while no-gi Jiu-Jitsu practitioners usually use to wear rash guards which have unique and several functional benefits in itself.

What is Rash Guard?

Rash guards are lightweight technical shirts designed to comfort body like another layer of skin that sticks to the body and can be worn beneath a gi to wick away sweat or without gi as a full functional dress in order to prevent and protect the key area of the body such as chest, arms, and back. It is a piece of compression gear made up of a soft stretching strong material that cools the skin, smoothly take care of sweat and regulate the body heat at a time. So a no gi grappler must use a rash guard to prevent any injury.

Material Type of BJJ Rash Guards

BJJ Rash Guards made from nylon, lycra or spandex that designed to fit tightly with stretchable material to allow full range of motion. It helps the athlete to stay cool and dry as possible also constructed with flatlock stitching that increases the strength and minimizes discomfort. In addition, rash guards use six panels of T-shirt construction that ensures increased mobility either wet or dry.

Durable, long lasting and hard wearing rash guard considered to be as an essential item of protection from ‘mat-burn” or traditional tatami mats used in Jiu-Jitsu.

A mixture of materials like spandex and polyester provide the best elasticity for grappling.

Importance of Best BJJ Rash guards

Due to its compressed tight-fitting, rash guards prevent skin damage that can be caused by the textured surface of tatami or mat burn. Its special material lowers the friction between skin and mat. It creates a breathable layer of protection that acts as a barrier against microorganisms on the skin. Wearing a best BJJ rash guard is a sure protection against cuts, rashes, and scraps.

High-performance fabric for comfort and flexibility helps to keep your body dry and muscles warm.

Some Reasons to use Rash-Guard

  • May prevent injury by muscle compression
  • Reduce the chance to spread of bacteria
  • Improves the grips by wicking away skin moisture and keep dry for better grips
  • Stays stable the body temperature
  • Prevents mat burn or tatami

Anti-microbial properties extend the benefits of maintaining your body hygiene.

Benefits of Best BJJ Rash Guards

BJJ Rash guards proved to be a more functional and essential piece of equipment for grappling. It also plays an important role to keep you clean and safe during training and by wearing its special type improves performance as well. The IBJJF International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation allows its competitors to wear some specific brands of rash guards in official competition. 

ü  Rash guard improves the capability of muscle functioning by muscle compression.

ü  Muscle compression helps to improve blood flow.

ü  This process improves muscle metabolism and effectively provide help to prevent injuries.

Tips to choose the best BJJ rash guard

  • Polyester and spandex mixed material creates elasticity, nicely soft and stretched by making rash guards an ideal choice for grappling.
  • BJJ rashguards having best antimicrobial properties that limit the spread of the infection during training or any bacterial place on mats.
  • The polyester lycra combination in modern rash guards allows the grapplers to be more performing by helping them to stay more hygienic, healthier and fast in movement. 

Sublimated Design

  • Dying sublimation techniques in modern rash guards specially applied on synthetic lycra-based material that helps to keep colors last and prevent from fading after wash or peel.
  • Compression wears are strategically designed to strengthen and compress the muscles that help to roll longer and recover fast as well. After a hard workout, rash guards functionally designed to provide speed up recovery.
  • Moisture-wicking properties in rash guards keep the grappling game as sticky as possible. 

Printed guard in sublimation design add more life and prevent to fade the design with time.

Main Factors included in buying Rash Guards


Ensure to buy best quality material that enables it to stay longer instead of buying a cheap one that gets frayed continuously after a short time.

Rash guards hold up to the toughest, regular training and meant to keep your skin safe so, it should be very strong even after washing for a longer period.


A perfectly fit guard is the thing you need to wear during BJJ no gi fight game.

Wearing the right size bring comfort and feel safe during training or fighting that allow athletes to concentrate on the sport.

Well-fitted rash guards that’s neither too tight nor too lose excellently wick all moisture produced by your body and keep athletes active during all time.


According to the rule of IBJJF, one should buy a rash guard according to ranked color or belt.

For training, purpose can choose favorite color rash guard.


Level of protection, quality and performance expectations keep in mind at the time of investing money in buying a rash guard, however, it’s possible to find a guard at an affordable price.

Difference between Best BJJ Rash Guards and Compression shirts

Rash guards and compression shirts are different from each other

Compression shirts are made of four panels and its design restricted to move more flexibly than rash guards.

While wearing a rash guard is more flexible that constructed with six panels and provide more durability by its durable standard and reinforced the stitching. In fact, rash guards are essentially more durable, sturdier version of compression shirts that specially designed for martial arts and combat sports.

Best BJJ rash Guard Brands


Well-known brand to produce high-quality gear for BJJ, Judo, MMA, and karate

Best BJJ Rash Guards available at a very affordable price.


A big name in the combat sports industry that produced a range of top quality rash guards.


Another well-popular martial arts brand that produces some of the best quality items in the market.

Under this brand, rash guard’s quality more worthy than its price tag.

Best BJJ rash guards work really to meet your comfort needs all the time.

BJJ rash guard simply a unique athletic dress that specially designed to offer functions and benefits to promote your safety and performance.