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MMA Shorts

Pair of fighting shorts for MMA fighters is an essential part of training gear. MMA Shorts exceptionally comfortable, durable and plain enough to train with by its special design that builds for rolling around on the mat.

MMA shorts are different in stitching than regular shorts also having a Velcro strap with lace drawstring for best grip to your waistline. Shorts are also designed for a grappler as combat gear.

Flexible design

MMA shorts having stretch material around the groin area and at the side of the leg to add some more flexibility and comfort during the fighting. MMA shorts are avoided to stitch with metal loops, pockets, zippers, attached accessories and other dangerous things alike due to your rolling around on the mat with a sparring partner.


Durable MMA shorts provide an excellent tight fitting to wear that neither too loose nor tight to breathe is uncomfortable. A good pair of shorts having all things that a fighter in need to be more comfortable and flexible to perform easily against his opponent. MMA shorts made up of high-quality material and stronger stuff to be able to handle certain intense physical confrontation during a fight. Combat sports gear particularly construct with clinch gear material to act fully and best with ease.

Price & brand

In terms of MMA gear price and brand difference can be viewed easily to check the quality and life, as the sheer quality of the shorts being offered after observed experiments, oriented results by taking care more about items genuinely. Quality material has its price to be paid off and its difference speaks itself by putting them on comparison after use. 

Material & Stitching

MMA shorts are mainly constructed with nylon, polyester, and spandex by ingeniously weaving together simpler fabrics and materials. A balanced mix of these materials is used to give flexibility, strength, and super-elasticity, as polyester and spandex are well-known mixed materials for MMA shorts to wick away extra moistures by maintaining the body heat. Stitching also plays an important role to avoid risks by falling apart under any physical activity. Phenomenal stitching is good for MMA shorts due to its job type that demands nothing less than the best in durability and functionality.

Comfortable short gear

Comfort is the utmost requirement of any combat wear. Shorts are neither too loose nor too tight to squeeze the hips area to feel uncomfortable or odd shape. A good quality pair of MMA shorts having all attributes like craftsmanship and quality stuff to give comfort on priority bases.

Grappler tries to pull from shorts or pants to fall down his opponent, so it should be stronger enough and shaped well to avoid any discomfort or defeating point during the fight. Side slits on shorts increase its worth to move easily and develop the kicking game and continue to develop the abilities to kick around the ring. Slit provides more space to move your legs in a better way.

Different styles of MMA Shorts

Board Shorts

  • Famous to use by UFC fighters in a specific MMA style
  • Highly suitable for MMA sports and training
  • Knee-length shorts equipped with Velcro strap
  • Elasticated waistline to keep safe and secured
  • Having drawstring internal side to avoid any danger
  • Built-in internal pockets to hold mouth guards

Vale Tudo Shorts

Knows as lycra shorts designed with light material and weightless to move and feel freeness.

As light as compression shorts by offering less friction and allowing to move fast and careful.

Tudo shorts provide tight-fitting yet flexible enough and padded additionally to stay protective.

Much sticky material that reveals the man’s parts in details so needs to wear a groin cup under the Tudo shorts. Vale Tudo shorts specifically designed for MMA match fight also very flexible in moving and don’t restrict any leg movement. Moreover, Tudo shorts help to stabilize the muscles during certain movements.

Hybrid Style Shorts

These shorts are designed in a modern way but a combination of the Vale Tudo compression style and Board Short style. They created an interesting design by mixing both and grab the attention of both types.

Each style has its own advantages to choose according to the need and choice to get all the benefits. The best part to focus just the quality product when it comes to buying MMA shorts.  Try to choose the shorts with the features of comfort, flexibility, and strength at the same time to make it easy for grappling comfort.

Difference between Compression Short V MMA Shorts

Compression shorts and MMA shorts both having its own importance for combat sports however MMA shorts specifically designed to be perfect with its features.

Compression Shorts

By wearing compression shorts proves very hard for your opponent to grab or pull down. As it helps in quick muscles recovery by increasing heat and prevent mat burn or any ringworm.

MMA Shorts

MMA shorts used as no-gi gear, so it has featured in itself to provide good ventilation, breathable and durable light material to be more comfortable. Compression shorts also can be used beneath MMA shorts to manage to hold a groin cup. An athlete actively moves himself and fight freely in shorts.


A piece of workout clothing that specifically designed to use in a fighting game by keeping in mind the grappling techniques. Sublimation printed and durable fabric ensures the esthetic sense and offers a huge range of shapes and styles.

Plain designing without any pocket or external loop type only acceptable other than any dangerous types of shorts are banned for all BJJ No-Gi and MMA competitions to maintain fighter safety.

There is a huge difference in regular workout shorts and MMA shorts design.

Regular shorts easily get rolled up by an open area and high risk to get broken any body part by being caught any of them.

As we know (MMA) mixed martial arts proved to be a tougher and hard sport for body and sports gear. So it needs to be more comfortable, functional, good supportive and a full range of motion that truly fit for fighters and boxers.